Saturday, September 10, 2005

In which Denmark confuses me

Whoah, Danish political parties have logos. Logos are so much cooler than donkies and elephants. I guess you need them more when you have more than two parties.

If you ever want people to look at you like you've got to be joking, become a professor of Danish Politics and Society and draw a scale of the seven main political parties on the board, explaining that the parties called "the Left" and "the Conservatives" are both rightwing, while "the Radical Left" is centrist. Or, if you prefer, you could become a professor of the Danish language and explain to equally incredulous students that Danish has two genders, neither of which is masculine or feminine. Your choice.


Elisha said...

The Conservative's leader is named Bendt Bendtsen. This makes me giggle.
In other news, I miss you.

Julia said...

For some reason lots of people name their kids the same thing as their last names - lots of Jens Jensens, Bendt Bendtsen, etc.

My Norse mythology professor makes lots of Tolkein references. It makes me happy, but it makes me wish you were here to hear it.