Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I'm such a lightweight it's sad

I'm trying to think of a polite way to tell Jørgen that three-quarters of a glass of wine makes my head swim and a glass and a half renders me incapable of focusing my eyes properly and to please, please not pour me a second glass. Also, one of the cacti in my window put out a big pink flower over the weekend, and Jørgen's been cooing over it and taking pictures ever since. (I wish I had pictures of this burly sunburnt greyhaired Danish beer-truck driver admiring his cactus flower.) The cacti get a little more of my regard now.


Danny said...

Nothing wrong with being a lightweight. What's actually worse is your parents staring at you when you're dead sober after four glasses of wine and you still trying to convince them you didn't do any heavy drinking in Russia. Eesh.
And cacti are fabulous.

sandy said...

you'll get used to it--just make sure you eat well with your wine...and don't drink it quickly! and cacti are the bestest--i think i want to get a kostik 2!