Thursday, September 15, 2005

Idle hands

After all the warnings from the program that this is not a semester to goof off and that the workload is atrocious, I've decided they left out the caveat "...if you're a giant slacker to begin with." My lack of a social life or a job here means that for the first time I can remember, I have too much spare time. I'm not partying in bars like most people, but I'm not swamped with work either. I'm not even reading because the DIS library has no fiction.

This dilemma may be alleviated by my discovery of the only thing that's cheaper here than in the US: fabric. I figure not having a sewing machine will actually be an advantage, because I can buy a yard or two of something cheap, and then making a skirt or something by hand will eat up time.

Also yarn. There are three yarn stores I've found so far, and at the moment I can't think of any more sensual bliss than standing in the embroidery floss section of a yarn store. The color, the feel . . . I can't stay too long or I start wanting to buy some and embroider things.


Simon said...

I'm glad you've found something happy to do with your free time (and that you have some). My sister used to make bracelets out of embroidery floss back in the day; it is pretty stuff, especially with the rainbow effect that it gets from being near all of its friends in the store. Stay warm,

me!!!! said...

well--you could go to the normal library...or a book store...and read danish fairy tales! you should embroider though---a lovely handkercheif with marmee stiched on it!
love me!!!!!
ps. time spoke v. highly of your double-siding skills the other day!

Julia said...

I'm going to get a library card as soon as my Danish social security card comes in the mail. And I do have a book of HCA.
Yeah, just think of the days when Bryn Mawr girls weren't taught to type so they'd never become secretaries - now I've become the double-sided xerox queen of the Russian department. At least I can now allow my typewriter and ledgerbook skills to atrophy.