Thursday, September 29, 2005

Good advice on research

"The only reason a reference book won't be on the shelf is if someone is using it at that moment. And if so, the person is still in the reading room, so you can kill them and take the book." I love my Nordic mythology professor.

Know what I don't love? The fact that at the beginning of last night's potluck dessert, the one boy I picked out as the most obnoxious human being I've met in this country is the one who asks for my number by the end of the night. I'd forgotten how unpleasant this whole game can be. Is it crueller to say no from the get-go or wait until later? I didn't really have to decide at the moment, since I didn't remember Jørgen's phone number anyway. Now I get to rehearse my "Nooooo still hung up on someone else good luck elsewhere" speech in case Mr. Loud Marketing Major looks me up in the directory.

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Andrew Nabokov said...

You can do what Sonu always does and just tell him you're a lesbian, or drop comments about your girlfriend back in the states.
This tends to work poorly for Sonu though.

PS Bend it like Bendt Bendsten would be a great campaign slogan.
PPS Not sure how Judge it like Jorgen would work.