Sunday, October 30, 2005


Things I love about Europe:
men in velvet jackets
14 cent oranges in Spain
the sadistic pleasure of watching women in heels navigate cobblestones and boardwalks
small children with cute accents
random French men who tell you you´re charmante
random Spanish men who address you as "guapa"
clubs with free entry and white couches and a lack of grinding, so you don´t have to spend the evening expecting at any moment a skeezy man to insinuate himself against your thigh
women in black tulle skirts
the way Spanish people walk you to your destination if you ask them for directions even if they´re not going there themselves, and if they don´t know the way hail other people until there are three or four people peering at your map and discussing how to get you there

Things I don´t love about Europe:
random Spanish men who try to walk off with your purse
pay toilets (particularly when they charge more for women than men. I understand, but it´s still irksome.)
feeling like a tourist for wearing sunglasses because I´m one of fourteen people in Barcelona without brown eyes, and eleven of those are tourists too

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