Friday, October 14, 2005

All I trust I leave my heart to

For a while I couldn't decide if I was less happy about the idea of bringing a third pair of shoes or going to the Paris opera in flats, but in the end packing light won out. Yes, gearing up for my three-week jaunt around this continent - Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, London. I feel like singing out of bus windows and swinging my suitcase around like Maria von Trapp.


Simon said...

As you're being Maria von Trapp, "Climb every mountain" seems like an appropriate send off. Enjoy yourself super amounts,

Cass said...

*squees!* Oh, you lucky thing! Have fun! (Not that you need telling, I'm sure you will)

Anonymous said...

Don't hang out bus windows in Spain, my driver drove like a maniac and I really doubt you want to lose your head to a stop sign.
Just a tip.

Julia said...

Roald Dahl did a wonderful booklet for British Railways intended to teach children railway safety. It has the best illustration of someone losing their head to a telephone pole out a train window I have ever seen.

sandy said...

oh roomie---only you ever do quote sound of music. come back soon! but do have a lovely time and know that I'm just pea green with envy!