Thursday, October 13, 2005

And still more education

When I came home tonight, Jørgen and a red-haired woman were in front of the computer talking and laughing. My theory that she had to be his girlfriend is confirmed twenty minutes later when he asks me to come have a glass of wine with them and she says she had heard "so much about me." I´ve never heard anything about her, but she must be somebody because I am never asked to come meet the rest of his friends who come through the house to play pool or sit on the patio with him.

While we drink the wine we watch Crocodile Dundee on TV, and I wonder what kind of a person would date Jørgen and spend her time looking at the computer and watching TV with him, just like he does alone. After I excuse myself to work on my history paper, I realize that the TV is no longer on and noises are coming from his bedroom. I had never heard people having sex before. Tina's boyfriend spends the weekend sometimes, but they're always quiet. I suppose when you're 62 you don't have to be quiet anymore.

Now he's snoring. Has she gone home? I didn't hear her leave. They didn't even go to the bathroom. How can she sleep with him snoring? Will she be at breakfast tomorrow, and why is this all on a Thursday night? I suppose when you're retired it doesn't matter if it's Thursday.

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