Saturday, April 07, 2012

Project: Easter hat

A few weeks ago I thrifted a pink taffeta party dress with an unfortunate frill down the front. I ripped off the frill, made it into some flowers for the bodice, and it's now ready for dancing.

I decided this dress could also make an appearance at Easter, and having leftover fabric from the frill meant I could make a matching hat. There are few occasions in modern life to wear a fancy hat, and I sure am not letting Easter pass me by.

First step: a cardboard base held together with masking tape and staples. I'm pretty sure this method came from some distant memory of Halloween costume instructions in a Childcraft book.

I wrapped some quilt batting over it to smooth it out and tacked on some white fabric and lace from a thrifted skirt.

I made a flower from the leftover frill and a button, plus a veil cannibalized from a hand-me-down vintage hat. I tried it without the veil, but a pillbox hat with no veil makes you look like a flight attendant.

And voila, a pleasantly 60's Easter outfit. Except if it were really the 60's I would have gloves and a matching jacket as well, which is a bit much.

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