Thursday, April 12, 2012

Child things

I'm not entirely sure if Jeff and I should have kids. I've seen the evidence that parents are less happy than non-parents. I understand that I'm the product of many, many generations of mammals that successfully reproduced, and that we are all selected to be good at parenting. And I understand that evolution does not have my personal interests at heart, and that it may have bred me to want something that will not actually make me happy.

But boy, do I want it.

Any actual babies need to wait until I've finished school and have had a job long enough to get medical leave. So in the mean time, I'm sewing stuff.

A mouse in an Altoid tin bed, from this idea.

A marble maze, from this idea.

And a Waldorf-style weighted doll.

(Watching a woman and her 10-year-old grandson at the bus stop the other day gave me food for thought. They were cursing at each other, threatening to knock each other into traffic. At one point she rounded on me and said, "You have kids? Don't have none!" I gave her a half-smile and thought, "I bet the findings on parental happiness are dragged down by people with terrible parenting skills. I'm sure I can do better than this.")

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EmJ said...

you would make an awesome mom! and really, it's not until people have more than one kid that they start getting more than inordinately unhappy, at least according to the research that i've seen. :) actually, i really do think it depends upon the people. i'd say i'm happier with my willa, and boy, has my biology been telling me to make another one lately!