Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Going retro

Lately I find myself using history to justify all kinds of things. "Well, historically it's totally normal to live with your in-laws. Most people around the world and through time have lived in much smaller spaces with more people." "There's nothing weird about a potluck wedding. Caterers have only been common for about a century."

The problem is that I've now reached the stage of wedding planning where I start thinking things like, "Why should we pay 26 cents per fork for 150 people? All those people own forks of their own. We could all just bring our own cutlery, like people used to do in the middle ages." No, Julia. No.


Anonymous said...

I was about to say we'd bring our own forks, but Jenny vetoes it.

Baba Rob said...

No Forking Way. But anyway, Good Luck on your wedding day, Julia. May you and Jeff have many blessings

Kody Gabriel said...

Being sensible hasn't been fashionable for millenia.