Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I'm wondering about brilliance. I just started reading a book written by the father of one of my friends. He's quite a famous author, and I know people who are in awe of him and his writing. So I wonder: surely Holly's no less brilliant than her dad? But what if your specialties are cooking spinach a different way every day of the week or coming up with a really great costume for the "queens and fairies" party? Then people don't think of you in the same way because the New York Times doesn't have a listing for best tooth fairy costume. And lots of people I know are extraordinary in some way, whether it's my mom's ability to subdue cranky toddlers or Ricky's on-the-spot explanation of how every line of "Quinn the Eskimo" applies to Christianity (the equation of "cup of meat" to communion wine was particularly good.) We don't think of them on the same level as famous people, although when famous people are sitting in your living room they're remarkably similar to non-famous people.

I'm going to try to notice people's areas of brilliance. I'm sure there are lots we just don't pick up on.

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