Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Brief rant

Who let an Eastern European compose the "international" language? Did the man stop to wonder if ĉ, ĝ, ĥ, ĵ, or ŝ appeared on anybody else's keyboards or were even letters that made sense to anyone else? And why the ham sandwich would you construct a language with cases if you wanted to make it so easy to learn? The random choice of vocab from Germanic and Latin roots is driving my poor etymologist's brain up the wall, too - you can't have "god" be the word for God and "adiaŭ" be the word for goodbye!

In other words, I'm learning Esperanto. Even my mother thinks this is a new height of geekiness. It's almost certainly my most pointless language yet, but it's keeping me busy.


andrew said...

what an un-egalitarian language.

I'm telling you... Klingon is the new Esperanto

Julia said...

Once you've surrendered to the Klingons I bet they'll do worse than make you use goofy-looking letters.

Julia said...

Oh, and in lesson five they teach you how to say "I'm not that kind of girl." How's that for a useful sentence? Certainly one I'm more likely to want than "I surrender."

I have a friend who learned how to say "Kiss me" and "Get lost" in multiple languages because anything she would need to say to anyone boiled down to one of those two sentiments. "Mi ne estas tia knabino" should do me pretty well for the latter.

Mandi said...

Russian wasn't bad enough, eh?