Friday, April 21, 2006

Two lovely berries moulded on one stem

Sometimes I'm ashamed at my lack of gaydar. This morning it took me a full hour and a half to realize that a third of the people at this discussion on religion and sexuality were lesbians. Is that a good thing, that I wasn't really thinking about their sexuality, or bad that I was probably assuming them to be straight?

On a related note, I love love love the way Bryn Mawr's Shakespeare troupe (all female, naturally) does sexual/romantic scenes. I'm sure not all of Shakespeare's actors were straight, to say nothing of Will himself, so the romantic scenes being played by an all-male cast must have sometimes had a more genuine element to them than might be expected. It's so great how sometimes the love scenes in Bryn Mawr productions don't look like a woman pretending to be a man in love with a woman. It just looks like two women, and sometimes that's so much better than pretending to be a heterosexual couple you're not.

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