Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Life is good because:

- The sun is shining. The sun is not up when I get up, and it's down by the time I'm out of class, but right now it is 1:10 and sunny.
- Yesterday when I got home (in the dark) Jørgen had left Advent calendars outside my and Tina's doors. The kind with chocolate inside the windows. I haven't had one of those in years, and then I had to share with Allison. Whoah.
- Yesterday Ricky said that my making a chemise by hand for the Elizabethan Rout out of a sheet in 45 minutes was as impressive as him building a house in three days. I disagree, not least because I only wore the chemise twice whereas he still lives in the house, but it was nice to hear.
- I have a roommate with whom I can refer to P&P and know that she will understand what I'm talking about.


sandy said...

oh roomie--i'm so glad i make your life good! life is good today too because it's quite warm and sunny outside---and it's a george day--so i'm wearing a blue blouse and a necklace!

Julia said...

And makeup and perfume, no doubt :)

sandy said...

yes---and today is also a george day--and I'm wearing a skirt. it's my anna blinn day in fact because it's a skirt and mary janes and a white sweater with cute buttons! love me!