Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Mental health resources for weird settings

In looking for written materials on mental health for my clients, I keep finding that the materials out there are not well suited to jail. For example, every written piece of advice on how to cope with PTSD advises people to take soothing baths, go for walks, pet their dog, call a friend, etc. . . . not exactly going to happen when you're in jail.

I've come up with several handouts on various topics, all written at a not-too-difficult reading level. None of them contain references to things you can't do in jail. They would be good for other restrictive settings like hospitals, too.

Documents here. Feel free to use and reproduce them.  Most of the material is gleaned and edited from other people's websites.

Grounding exercises (for flashbacks, panic attacks, and anxiety in general)
CBT for anger (this one is written specifically for prisoners)
Grief journaling ideas
Daily affirmations
Coping with traumatic stress reactions
Exercises for anxiety
Money management (intended for people with addictions and/or who have been banned from having bank accounts because of their financial past)

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