Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gifts for people who have everything

People my parents' age are hard to get presents for. They've had lots of time to obtain the cheap things they want, and if they can't afford something they want, I probably can't afford it either. Some ideas:

- Record an audiobook. Free programs like Audacity let you record and edit. Full-length books take a really long time, so I've done some short stories.

- Jeff wrote me a waltz once. That was awesome.

- Find a project that needs to be done. Jeff and I revarnished his parents' kitchen floor while they were on vacation.

- Go on an adventure. Jeff's father is especially hard to shop for, so for his birthday people take him on a surprise outing. Yesterday we packed a picnic and piled in the car for such a birthday adventure, and Jeff took us on a deliberately roundabout route to prolong the suspense. Rick's guess as to the destination changed at every turn:

"We're going to the restaurant that looks like a cafeteria...except it's not lunch time."
"We're going to Walden Pond! Except you just drove past it."
"Are we going to Abby's house to walk in the cranberry bog?"
"We're going to the Bolton fair!"

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