Thursday, May 03, 2012

Project: clothespin bag

I am done with grad school! Which means I get to spend the next week watching movies and making stuff. Like this clothespin bag.

I made the frame from a coathanger. It's a circle with a rectangle sticking out, and then the rectangle bent double over the back of a chair so it hooks over a clothesline, like so. Except I forgot that clotheslines are pretty high, so this bag hangs too high to comfortably reach into.

If I were doing it over, I would have extended the rectangle by at least a foot so the bag hangs well down below the line. This might have needed a bigger coathanger, or maybe two coathangers.

The bag is basically a cylinder: one rectangle of cloth sewn into a tube, and then a circle of cloth at the bottom. Then I sewed the upper edge of the cylinder to the wire hoop.


AlexKG said...

What are you talking about? I can usually reach clotheslines.

Julia Wise said...

Okay, Mr. Taller-than-me, but I bet even for you reaching down into a bag five feet off the ground still requires some awkward elbow-lifting. : )