Friday, November 25, 2011

Advent calendars

In Denmark I saw Advent calendars for adults (with lotto scratch tickets behind each door), kids (with chocolate), and cats (with 24 cat treats behind paper windows). My favorite was just envelopes strung on a ribbon, which you could fill and hang on a wall.

I make these every year. You could just paper-clip mailing envelopes to ribbon, or make smaller envelopes. They're not hard to do, and people like them (especially college students who are away from home).

Ideas for filling the envelopes:
  • origami cranes or other shapes
  • chocolate coins
  • paper snowflakes
  • excerpts from poems or stories
  • hearts cut from red cloth (in Denmark, hearts are considered Christmasy for some reason.)
  • jokes
  • bags of flavored tea
  • real or paper holly leaves
  • notes marking days of the month: full moon, winter solstice, St. Lucia's day (Dec. 13), St. Nicholas's day (Dec 6), first day of Chanukah (for those of us in mixed families)
  • recipes
Here are ideas from some other calendars, some pretty ambitious.

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David said...

We have ones (they were made as a gift last year) where each envelope has Lego pieces and instructions (photos that were e-mailed to us) for putting them together.

Last year Allison really put together both of ours.

We didn't take mine apart very much, so maybe this year I can do mine myself.

Same idea could apply for a puzzle. (Bought or made.)