Sunday, July 17, 2011

Skirt guard

The Dutch have it all figured out when it comes to bicycles. One bike accessory commonly seen there (though not here) is the skirt guard, designed for keeping coat tails and skirts out of your back wheel.

This week I made my own. I wear skirts most of the time, and while I've never had a skirt-in-spokes disaster they do sometimes get stuck in the back brake. Now that won't happen!

I cut two semicircles of fabric, stapled them together along part of the curve, and sewed the corners to the bike. For some reason I cut off a part at the front, but don't do that.


ajbc said...

Jeff suggested making something like this a bit ago and I immediately thought of this instructables, and dismissed the idea because it would be hard to remove with the zip ties and more importantly, I don't have mudguards. (I think I was also put off by the sparkly stars for some reason.) Having actually made one, do you have any suggestions for dealing with the latter or is this impossible without a mudguard?

Julia Wise said...

Hmm, not having tried this on a bike with no mudguards/fenders, I don't know. Jeff says "She should get fenders and a rack."