Sunday, January 31, 2010


When you marry a tech-y person, you should have to sign some kind of waiver.

I, ______________, understand that for the rest of my life I will attend parties with my spouse and his/her tech-y friends. The conversation will invariably drift to the merits of one programming language over another, and no one will notice as my eyes glaze over. Neither my spouse nor any of his/her friends will feel that anything is wrong with having a conversation that is effectively in a foreign tongue. If I request another topic, they will sit in baffled silence until I apologize and tell them to resume. If possible, I will take up some kind of quiet hobby like knitting. I understand that if the gathering is at someone else's house I may leave, but that if the gathering is in my own home there is no escape.

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Lucas Sanders said...

I profoundly apologize for the inevitable situation in which I am one of the guilty technology-obsessed friends. Such situations are always frustratingly awkward.

Also, you write wonderfully. I wish I had known about this blog sooner. (I discovered it, um, almost immediately after Jeff launched his Planet aggregator. *sigh*)