Monday, October 23, 2006


The National Folk Festival came to my hometown last week. Part of me was annoyed that nearly all the musicians were men, but part of me was not at all displeased to spend a day and a half watching curly-haired, step-dancing, rollicking, hurdy-gurdy-playing Quebecois and Cajun guys. Anyone who thinks folk music is the realm of old boring people needs to go see Le Vent du Nord's accordion player, or the Lost Bayou Ramblers' fiddler leaping onto his bandmate's double bass as they both continue playing.

On a related note, I want to learn to play the concertina. This seems unlikely to happen given my lack of free time and a concertina, although I'm having visions of spare time in the Peace Corps (and a handy desert or rainforest to practice in where I won't bother anyone). Although, come to think of it, sand is probably not good for concertinas.

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Mary said...

I brought a concertina to college and learned some. I bet you could learn in the peace corps. I still intend to find another one (my first one fell apart--stupid ebay), and possibly join the peace corps for some "free" time . . . but I am also thinking of hitting the road with no plans and a concertina. That way, you HAVE to learn in order to play for people and make some money--maybe even play and dance at the same time . . . like jumping into a lake in order to learn to swim.