Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"We are a young family with 2 boys, the farm is in the wild mountain and we can look the Mediterranean . . ."

I've recently realized that with Peace Corps taking 27 months there's no way I'll be able to leave after graduation and be back in the States in time to start grad school in August two years later. So with school year 2009/2010 suddenly empty, I think I want to fill it with the organic farm volunteer thing. There are listings from Ireland to California to Israel, so in a year I could work in a good number of places I've always wanted to see. When it's not the growing season in Sweden it is in New Zealand, so I should be able to find fairly steady work. It wouldn't be paid but at least the lodgings and food would be free, and I'd meet families all over the world. This is exciting like whoah.

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andrew said...

that is hands down the best idea ever. two things your kids and grandkids would proudly say about you always: that you did peace corps, and that you travelled the world as an organic farmer.