Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I think I'm at just the right balance between loving my time here and being ready to go home. I'm excited about Ellwood Thompson's and cooking and my Christmas tree and NPR and my mother's blue ceramic teapot that she says I can take with me to school next semester.

I want to write a thank-you letter to Denmark. A love letter, really. I toyed with the idea of sending it to Queen Margrethe (the embodiment of Denmark, as evidenced by Ricky's habit of muttering "Forgive me, Queen, for I have sinned" whenever he crosses a street without waiting for the green man), but I don't expect she would get it. Other options were writing it on sand or a foggy window so it would be dispersed into the sea or air. My current plan is to do it on paper and either burn or recycle it - both very Danish ways of destroying a sheet of paper.

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