Saturday, May 14, 2005

Where you found her

Two words of advice to any single men out there looking for (middle-aged and up) women: ballroom dancing. I went last night for the first time, and the demographics were very curious. Lots of old people, almost no young. A couple of English men but no English women that I noticed. A good number of Asian women but no Asian men. Not quite two girls for every boy, but boys could definitely manage a good 1.3 girls each.

A very nice Englishman named Alistair showed me how to rhumba, then took my arm and escorted me very formally back to the chair where I'd been sitting. He said his mother told him to always put a girl back where he found her. I can just picture him bringing dates home decades ago as a teenager and his mother shouting, "Alistair! I don't know where you picked up that hussy, but you put her back where you found her right now!"

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